Worm geared motors MOTOX & SIMOGEAR from Siemens

In addition to the worm geared motors, we also offer project planning of the entire drive (required torque, power, speed, etc..). Due to our long-standing contact to all relevant geared motor manufacturers we can convince with low prices. Let us send you a non-binding offer now! Of course we also sell drives such as standard motors and special motors.

Schneckengetriebemotoren MOTOX & SIMOGEAR
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SIMOGEAR worm geared motors

The SIMOGEAR worm geared motors from Siemens are characterized by a wide transmission ratio range in only 1-2 gear stages. Available rated gear torque: From 33 to 1450 Nm Max. Motor power: 0.55 to 7.5 kW

MOTOX worm geared motors

The MOTOX worm geared motors from Siemens are basically single-stage, have a small overall depth and are therefore particularly space-saving for tasks where a small torque range is sufficient.

Available rated gear unit torque: From 28 to 80 Nm
Max. Motor power: up to 0.75 kW

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