Repair of SEW frequency inverters, touch panels & monitors

We repair SEW frequency inverters, but also touch panels and monitors professionally. We process your order quickly and easily.

On site or in our workshop: As an engineering office/technical service provider, we repair frequency inverters and other electrical/electronic components for you or your customers.

You too can benefit from our many years of experience.

Frequency converters

Our activities:

  • Voltage-free pre-test measurements and checking for visible mechanical or electrical damage.
  • Securing accessible parameter settings and programs.
  • Evaluation and backup of the error memory.
  • Electrical test according to specified test instructions.
  • Troubleshooting and analysis of the cause of damage.
  • Cleaning of the housing and electrical components (if necessary).
  • High-voltage test, function test and an endurance test under load and heat according to defined test specifications.
Frequenzumrichter Movitrac B

Why ATG Engineering?

  • We are also very familiar with older models and can help reliably and quickly.

Uncomplicated procedure

  • Step 1:
    Just call us on weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (+49(0)211 17607186), write us an e-mail ( or use the contact form.
    Tell us the manufacturer and type and we will let you know whether the frequency inverter can be repaired and, depending on your description, whether it is also economically worthwhile. In case of doubt, we can also offer you a replacement at favourable conditions.
  • Step 2:
    Send us the frequency inverter or use our pick-up and delivery service. Within one working day you will receive a binding offer for the repair of your frequency inverter.

You need our repair services ?

Since 1993 we are responsible for our further growing customer base. We would be pleased if we could support you as well. Please contact us or …

SEW Frequency inverter

Movidrive & Movitrac from SEW for example:

  • 31B015-503-4-00
  • 31B030-503-4-00
  • 31B040-503-4-00
  • 31C015-503-4-00
  • 31C022-503-4-00
  • 31C030-503-4-00
  • 31C040-503-4-00
  • 31C055-503-4-00

Repair of servo motors and spindle drives with original manufacturer software.


Gearmotors: Project planning & Sales

Own regular maintenance / cleaning

More often than you might think, it is impurities that lead to defects, e.g. in the unit’s own cooling system, or to age-related wear and tear, such as condensers drying out. The end result is the total loss of the power output stages and the energy supply. Therefore, the following applies: In drive technology, frequency inverters, drives etc. can be kept in operation for a long time by regular expert maintenance and preventive measures.

After professional cleaning and the replacement of typical wear parts, the appearance of many devices can be greatly improved.

We show you here how you can increase the service life of your drive technology with little effort: gearbox maintenance

If necessary, it is also possible to rent out replacement units (if in stock) during preventive maintenance!